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Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Global Warming Bulldust

I made the mistake of clicking on the Firefox webbrowser "latest headlines" and my eye was caught by " Greenland melt 'speeding up"article.

(Yes dear reader, my main computer now is an Apple Mac-mini and UNIX).

Essentially the method used to determine the mass of ice on Greenland is to note changes in the earth's gravity field as measured by the GRACE satellite.

Gravity? First identified by Sir Isaac Newton and defined by him, so we are told, gravity is the force exerted on matter by the presence of other matter. The force obeys the inverse-square lur (Sorry Clouseau) and mighty be it.

Measure gravity from a satellite? Yes, quite easy providing one has accurate positional data. An extra problem is the absolute quantum of the measurements and here we are dealing with micro-fractions of a number and instrument sensitivity and accuracy crucial.

In any case the article linked above is silly, probably because the author is a BBC journalist.

Consider "But once the influence of the atmosphere and the oceans is removed, the variations mostly reflect changes in the mass of ice sheets and of water stored in the ground."


Atmospheric mass is measurable but inexplicable. OK, assume their procedure is valid.

Oceans? No argument there.

From which they conclude that measured mass changes are due to changes in the mass of ice sheets and water in the ground.


No one knows what the mass of water in the ground is.

So the rest of the report is bulldroppings.

Velikovsky was right after all

Velikovsky dated the Hebrew Exodus at 1450 BC plus or minus a few years. Now we learn from the latest research that the Exodus occurred at 1500 BC and to be shown on the Discover Channel and scheduled to air on August 20 at 7:00 p.m. Central time. The Director is Simcha Jacobovici. Executive Producer is James Cameron, Director of Titanic. A summary of the previous dates is available here where dates range from 1440 BC to 1290 BC.

In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a book which caused an enormous unedifying reaction from science - Worlds in Collision. It described how some 3500 years ago the earth experienced a global catastrophe when it and Venus as well as Mars had near collisions. Venus was interpreted as a recent planet ejected from Jupiter (or Saturn depending on whose interpretation of mythology one accepts) and universally feared by our ancestors. (It might of interest to note that after this "event" most of our ancestors became Venus or planet worshippers and it was only when the Hebrews invented the abstraction of God that paganism was replaced with modern religious practices).

What prompted the writing of Worlds in Collision was Sigmund Freud's publication "Moses and Monotheism" in which Freud suggested that Moses wasn't Jewish. Velikovsky, also a pyschoanalyst, found that strange and set about on research to disprove Freud's thesis by looking at the ancient Jewish and Egyptian texts. Strange indeed when both were Jewish and one insisted that Moses was not Jewish, already.

Velikovsky found some unusual issues especially the fact that at Moses' time in history, and the well documented escape of the Jews from Egyptian bondage, as told in the old testament and rabbinical sources, as the Exodus had no parallel documentation in assumed contemporary Egyptian records. That is, the assumed Egyptian documents did not recognize the Hebrews or Jews, nor did those records mention any plagues or other events in the Hebrew documents.

What Velikovsky did find was an obscure papyrus dated some 800 years earlier that seemed to describe similar natural events recorded by the Hebrews. From this Velikovsky decided that either Egyptian history was artificially expanded or Jewish history was artificially compressed. Given two unambiguous chronological events, Exodus and the arrival of the Macedonian Alexander into Egypt at 330 BC, Velikovsky started to compare the ancient histories. The results of that work was published in various books not detailed here but essentially Egyptian history was expanded. A sticking point with this interpretation is that Velikovsky was recognized as a chronological fundamentalist in that he could not accept any change to Hebrew chronology because there is some solid evidence that this chronology is also problematical, if Professor Gunnar Heinsohn's work is an indication.

Never the less, it now seems that the Hebrew Exodus occurred at about the 15th Century BC.

Velikovsky made other predictions about the physical state of Venus and Jupiter and has been proven correct on those too, so one suspects that we are in for another paradigm change in history.

I am off bush for three weeks so dispatches will cease until I return. I have also had to reluctantly stop writing for Henry Thornton as my present duties as editor of AIG News, as well as the responsibilities associated with full time work in mineral exploration demands too much of my time and attention. It is, after all, a well demonstrated fact that males of the species have difficulty multi-tasking!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Airy Thoughts

Hydrogen (H2) is a gas that when present as 100% as a gas phase is rather explosive when ignited with a electric spark. Automobile lead-acid batteries tend to release H2 when being charged, hence the admonition to do it in a well ventilated area and not to create sparks. I write from personal experience!

Yet when H2 is in the air we breathe it does not explode at all nor do we assume that a single molecule of H2 is 'exploding'. This is because H2 is absent in the air as a discrete gas phase with unique properties which identify it as H2. As air does not spontaneously explode when an electric spark passes through it, we assume that h2 has become somewhat inactive in a physical sense. And if it is "exploding" at the atomic level (combining with O2 to form water) then how would we know anyway?

CO2 as a 100% phase has also unique properties that are well documented and not denied. It has a high specific heat too. But like H2 when present in minute quantities in air, its physical properties as a gas phase also become irrelevant.

It is the the physical properties of air that are important in climate studies, not its chemical composition. This suggests that CO2 as 0.04% by volume has no effect on air's thermal properties.

BLACKHOLES of the Astronomical kind

The science of astronomy has defined a black hole as a region in 3 dimensional space having an infinite density, or, in some of the more lucid descriptions available on the internet, a region in space where the density is so great that no physical object can escape from it.

The concept of a black hole is developed from Einstein's theory of relativity which recently has been shown to be incorrect from a review of the famous Michelson-Morley experiement aimed at proving, or disproving, the existence of the aether (Stephan J. G. Gift, "The Relative Motion of the Earth and Ether Detected, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 20, No2, pp 201-214, summer 2006).

What is a black hole? Mathematically it is defined by the calculus when the well known relationship of D (density) = M (mass) / V (volume) when either M --> infinity or V --> 0.

As Blackholes are considered essentially "points" in 3-D space, we accept that the volume of the black hole is very small.

Point in space? No such physical object. A point is a mathematical abstraction` required by the requirements of relativity theory.

So I was somewhat amused to read the following email from a fellow traveller:

"Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics at my neighborhood observatory, Mount Stromlo, a mere 10 minutes drive from home. The subject was "Gravitational Wave Detection." The experience was surreal, hearing top astronomers blithely talking about coalescing black holes and neutron stars with the familiarity of everyday experience.

However, we are talking about hypothetical objects that defy the principles of physics (e.g. "singularities") doing non-physical things (how do you "merge" two black holes when it takes an infinite amount of time to "cross" an event horizon?) and giving rise to hypothetical waves that travel at the speed of light - when it is easily shown that gravity operates at near-infinite speed.

About half of professional astronomers think that a gravity wave will be detected within the next 10 years.

It is like observing a group of medieval scholars discussing how many angels could fit on the head of a pin.

Lewis Carroll would be proud of them."

The same sort of intellectual argument also can be identified with global warming science.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

250,000 Geoscientists agree

2006 is the year of the planet and the IUGS has released a short handout "Earth and Life - origins and diversity" which includes the image below.

Note the rising increase in atmospheric oxygen and decreasing CO2 over geological time and that to make CO2, carbon has to bond with 2 oxygen atoms, so the plots of O2 and CO2 are interesting enough in themselves. (I expect the Adhominator and his mentor, Professor John Quiggin, will offer specious rebuttals).

Note that the mass species extinctions have no obvious relationship to CO2.

Note that average global temperature has little correlation with CO2 content.

After all if 250,000 geoscientists concur.......

More information can be obtained here

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I lifted this from John Quiggin's recent post-

"While economists in general are trained to evaluate all arguments sceptically, there is one big exception - Free Trade. Most economists are wedded to the idea of free trade to the point that many will routinely reject the results of mainstream economic analysis in favour of logically incoherent claims about dynamic effects, ‘cold showers’ and so on.

For a variety of reasons, I apostasised from the free-trade religion early on and, for a while, became an outright protectionist in reaction. Now, I don’t have a preconceived position either way, and try to assess the issues on their merits.

One point that comes out of any neoclassical economic analysis is that, at tariff rates below around 10 per cent, the (traditional trade-theoretic) benefits associated with a reduction to zero are trivially small. This is because the welfare loss associated with a tax are proportional to the square of the tax rate, and the square of 0.1 is 0.01 (1 per cent)."

"While economists are trained to evaluate..." means that economists don't think.

Robots are trained.

The rest of Quiggin's discourse has as a consequence to be dismissed.


Of course the black market, the cash economy, the economy which does not exist, is another proof that Quiggin quaffles quack!

What economist has been taught, er sorry, trained that theory!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

MWP - Europe hot - Central Pacific Cool - a paradox?

An interesting debate is going on Steve McIntyre's climate audit blog concerning the apparent fact that during the MWP the central Pacific was cool while Greenland etc was warmer.

This raises the interesting problem of a high latiutude country like Greenland got warmer while the central Pacific region, on the equator, became cooler.

It bears pointing out too that then Greenland had an ice-free northern coast that today remains icebound all year round, (Thanks to Doug Hoyt for this), so it is pretty clear for Greenland at least, the LIA is still with it.

So how can this paradox be resolved?

Depends on what intellectual tools one has and to which fools you listen to but if one careens the earth slightly putting Greenland closer to the equator, (putting England even closer) then that rotational shift would cause the central Pacific region to go to higher latitudes, and thus into cooler climes. I am emphatically not describing a movement of tectonic plates but a physical careen of the earth, by the way.

So let's assume that during the MWP period England was where Spain is now, and Greenland where England is now for the sake of argument. During the same period the Central Pacific area would probably be where Japan is now.

And then something happened to the earth to cause the LIA.

The CHOSON annals link the LIA with unprecedented meteoric activity and other global climate events which cause concern. Gavin Menzies points to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty at that time, the Moa became extinct in New Zealand and the Europeans were grappling with a calendar that was inaccurate.

Is it possible that the earth passed through a meteorite swarm and from the electromagnetic interaction between it and the swarm had its axis of rotation slighltly shifted, moving Greenland to its present latitudes, and the Central Pacific towards the equatorial regions?

It's best to demonstrate this using a standard geographical globe at home since I cannot really manage to show it graphically here, relying on my ability to describe something I understand in three dimensions.

This explanation of a careening earth can deal with the paradox of having Europe in a more temperate region and the Central Pacific in a cooler latitude during the MWP and in different climate regions today as evidenced by the data.

This explanation is only plausible if the principles of the Electric Universe are accepted as accurate - it cannot be explained by the present Newtonian gravitational interpretation of the cosmos and solar system. In this system climate changes are due to changes in the chemical composition of the earth's atmopshere or changes in the interaction between the sun and earth, the "solar" effect.

(I might add that the earth is closer in shape to a perfect sphere than a billiard ball, so any arguments based on the earth having an equatorial bulge resisting any axial translation of its rotation won't wash).

Things become all the more interesting if we accept that the solar system and cosmos is an electrical system dominated by plasma and electrical forces some 10E39 more powerful than gravitational forces.

Perhaps past climate changes were also the result of the earth being suddenly moved to a new axis of rotation.

I might add these ideas are not new and are found in the heretical texts. I can only lay claim to suggesting that the LIA might have been caused by a slight change in the earth's orientation around its celestial axis. After all what were the Ming Chinese doing surveying the earth at the time as suggested by the book 1421? Re surveying it because the old astronomical data on which the calendars were based were out of whack?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006



One of the interesting aspects of global temperature aggregation to determine the global mean temperature is the use of grid cells defined by units of latitude and longitude and averaging the mean temperature readings within each grid cell. It is a well established procedure in climate science but that does not mean it is correct, for physically what does a grid cell represent? (Geoscientists have a special interest in this type of calculation because it is no different to the protocols and methodologies used in mineral ore-reserve estimations).

Put quite simply, the existing method of mean temperature aggregation is fundamentally wrong. A grid-cell defined by, say, 5 degrees of latitude and longitude, is not a physical object but an abstract concept used in navigation or map creation. As a grid cell is therefore physically a non-existent object it cannot have a temperature at all. So what does the aggregated temperature relate to? Simply a group of numbers on a 2D polygon defined on an imaginary spherical surface, (which while defined in 3D still remains a surface, and surfaces cannot have a temperature).

This means physically that the mean global temperature computed this way is scientifically meaningless. It is similar to aggregating gold assays by ignoring the density and volume of the samples which, as geoscientists know from hard experience from the mining of ore-bodies whose grades are based on this method of aggregation, are usually over estimated. Little wonder then that climate science ends up with a warming earth when using such aggregation methods.

Another problem with global warming is the assumption of CO2 as an independent physical phase in the atmosphere that affects its thermal balance, (the basis for the assumption that CO2 is a problem in the first place).

The earth’s atmosphere is comprised of three principal phases – a gas comprised chemically of N2, O2 and here 0.04% by volume CO2, a liquid phase of water as suspended droplets, and a solid phase of airborne particulates or aerosols.

Physically the gas phase is air and the thermal properties of air important, not that of CO2. CO2 as a physical phase does not exist in the atmosphere since no where are any two CO2 molecules in contact with each other to allow the assumption that CO2 is a physically independent object and thus capable of being treated as an independent factor.

Global warming, or Climate Change, is a specious concept.


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