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Sunday, August 06, 2006

MWP - Europe hot - Central Pacific Cool - a paradox?

An interesting debate is going on Steve McIntyre's climate audit blog concerning the apparent fact that during the MWP the central Pacific was cool while Greenland etc was warmer.

This raises the interesting problem of a high latiutude country like Greenland got warmer while the central Pacific region, on the equator, became cooler.

It bears pointing out too that then Greenland had an ice-free northern coast that today remains icebound all year round, (Thanks to Doug Hoyt for this), so it is pretty clear for Greenland at least, the LIA is still with it.

So how can this paradox be resolved?

Depends on what intellectual tools one has and to which fools you listen to but if one careens the earth slightly putting Greenland closer to the equator, (putting England even closer) then that rotational shift would cause the central Pacific region to go to higher latitudes, and thus into cooler climes. I am emphatically not describing a movement of tectonic plates but a physical careen of the earth, by the way.

So let's assume that during the MWP period England was where Spain is now, and Greenland where England is now for the sake of argument. During the same period the Central Pacific area would probably be where Japan is now.

And then something happened to the earth to cause the LIA.

The CHOSON annals link the LIA with unprecedented meteoric activity and other global climate events which cause concern. Gavin Menzies points to the collapse of the Ming Dynasty at that time, the Moa became extinct in New Zealand and the Europeans were grappling with a calendar that was inaccurate.

Is it possible that the earth passed through a meteorite swarm and from the electromagnetic interaction between it and the swarm had its axis of rotation slighltly shifted, moving Greenland to its present latitudes, and the Central Pacific towards the equatorial regions?

It's best to demonstrate this using a standard geographical globe at home since I cannot really manage to show it graphically here, relying on my ability to describe something I understand in three dimensions.

This explanation of a careening earth can deal with the paradox of having Europe in a more temperate region and the Central Pacific in a cooler latitude during the MWP and in different climate regions today as evidenced by the data.

This explanation is only plausible if the principles of the Electric Universe are accepted as accurate - it cannot be explained by the present Newtonian gravitational interpretation of the cosmos and solar system. In this system climate changes are due to changes in the chemical composition of the earth's atmopshere or changes in the interaction between the sun and earth, the "solar" effect.

(I might add that the earth is closer in shape to a perfect sphere than a billiard ball, so any arguments based on the earth having an equatorial bulge resisting any axial translation of its rotation won't wash).

Things become all the more interesting if we accept that the solar system and cosmos is an electrical system dominated by plasma and electrical forces some 10E39 more powerful than gravitational forces.

Perhaps past climate changes were also the result of the earth being suddenly moved to a new axis of rotation.

I might add these ideas are not new and are found in the heretical texts. I can only lay claim to suggesting that the LIA might have been caused by a slight change in the earth's orientation around its celestial axis. After all what were the Ming Chinese doing surveying the earth at the time as suggested by the book 1421? Re surveying it because the old astronomical data on which the calendars were based were out of whack?

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