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Saturday, May 20, 2006

LHCrazyworld Closed

This is a new blog that replaces LHCrazyworld which was closed on the 18th May 2006.

It had served its purpose in light of the collapse of the Kyoto Protocol, the collapse of the EU carbon trading market and the fact that Canada is joining the AP6.

Some semblance of rationality has returned to the political sphere as a result of the political left losing electoral credibility, but it will be shortlived until the next time because the mob, having a short memory, will be mesmerised yet again by the left's specious policies only to re-elect them when times get better, proving history does repeat itself from humanity forgetting its past mistakes.

This blog will present new ideas in geoscience while also, when opportunity arises, pointing out instances of junkscience which Junkscience does not cover.

I will be too busy for the next 6 weeks on other matters so leave you with some cartoons to ponder over.

Preconceptual Science 1

Preconceptual Science 2

Preconceptual Science 3
Cartoon Credits to Non Sequitor


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