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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



One of the interesting aspects of global temperature aggregation to determine the global mean temperature is the use of grid cells defined by units of latitude and longitude and averaging the mean temperature readings within each grid cell. It is a well established procedure in climate science but that does not mean it is correct, for physically what does a grid cell represent? (Geoscientists have a special interest in this type of calculation because it is no different to the protocols and methodologies used in mineral ore-reserve estimations).

Put quite simply, the existing method of mean temperature aggregation is fundamentally wrong. A grid-cell defined by, say, 5 degrees of latitude and longitude, is not a physical object but an abstract concept used in navigation or map creation. As a grid cell is therefore physically a non-existent object it cannot have a temperature at all. So what does the aggregated temperature relate to? Simply a group of numbers on a 2D polygon defined on an imaginary spherical surface, (which while defined in 3D still remains a surface, and surfaces cannot have a temperature).

This means physically that the mean global temperature computed this way is scientifically meaningless. It is similar to aggregating gold assays by ignoring the density and volume of the samples which, as geoscientists know from hard experience from the mining of ore-bodies whose grades are based on this method of aggregation, are usually over estimated. Little wonder then that climate science ends up with a warming earth when using such aggregation methods.

Another problem with global warming is the assumption of CO2 as an independent physical phase in the atmosphere that affects its thermal balance, (the basis for the assumption that CO2 is a problem in the first place).

The earth’s atmosphere is comprised of three principal phases – a gas comprised chemically of N2, O2 and here 0.04% by volume CO2, a liquid phase of water as suspended droplets, and a solid phase of airborne particulates or aerosols.

Physically the gas phase is air and the thermal properties of air important, not that of CO2. CO2 as a physical phase does not exist in the atmosphere since no where are any two CO2 molecules in contact with each other to allow the assumption that CO2 is a physically independent object and thus capable of being treated as an independent factor.

Global warming, or Climate Change, is a specious concept.

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