The distortion of science for ideological purposes has a long history, and the results are generally ugly.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Seems few understand the point made here about intensive variables (and your lowly scribe is somewhat busy with editing AIG News and other more important issues at his present place of work to spend too much time explaining the blindingly obvious, so posts here are at home during a spare moment for the forseeable future).

That written, I noticed the hubbub with the Stern Report that was, to put it mildly, somewhat alarmist. What is it with the Anglish of the social democratic hue that mountains need to be made from molehills. Politics? Yes indeed for the looney left, along with the morphed Greenies, seem to have some serious electoral affect, necessitating politicians of both sides to court them.

Joe Cambria was reported in Tim Blair's blog to have actually read the Stern Report and noted the following inanities:

Page 23, chapter four of the Stern Report:

Gender inequalities will likely worsen with climate change.

UPDATE. Climate change will also cause forced marriage.

Then Benny Peiser reported in CCnet OPEC's opinion of the Stern Report:" A hard-hitting report on climate change published by the British government on Monday has no basis in science or economics, OPEC's Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo said on Tuesday." Source

I am also reading Ludvig Von Mises' "Nation, State and Economy" in which Mises deliberates on the nature of nations.

Why is the English Nation so prone to imperialism of ideological, economic or ecological causes?

Modern geological thought is dominantly that of the English world - the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Why?

And why has this national group inflicted humanity with the barbarity of socialism? What was it in English culture that allowed Marx and Engels the opportunity to publish their inanities?

And now they want to inflict on us the totally punitive prescriptions of AGW.

Or is it the establishment of an Ecological Totalitarian Dictatorship?

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