The distortion of science for ideological purposes has a long history, and the results are generally ugly.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'll probably be excoriated as a typical red-neck mining type but a recent post on John Ray's Greenie Watch from Spiked-online quoted this comment:

Over at Greenpeace, Mark Strutt, who was until recently senior climate campaigner at Greenpeace UK (he’s now Greenpeace International’s agriculture spokesperson), takes a similar stance. ‘Greenpeace wouldn’t be interested in this sort of thing. We’re looking for reductions in the use of fossil fuels rather than these technologies that in all likelihood would come to nothing.

(reacting to a proposal to mitigate AGW by technology)

WRONG WRONG WRONG! They don't want solutions to global warming, they want to stop the extraction of coal and oil - and that means killing the mining industry.

Those of us who have been in the mining industry for a long time have always viewed Greenpeace's agenda as one of eliminating the mining industry.

Greenpeace must be congratulated on the magnificent job they have done with Global Warming and essentially turned an anti-mining agenda into one of a global nature enlisting the wider community by inventing the specious science that CO2 emitted by humanity will result in a catastrophic climatic disaster.

Greenpeace wants to eliminate the coal miners, the mining and oil industries, and as they have failed to achieve that goal with a direct frontal attack, they instead, in true Fabian fashion, went undercover and resumed the war under the aegis of climate change.

Except that some of us, the climate sceptics, were not fooled by the donning of the sheeps wool to hide the real motive of the environmental movement - the elimination of the mining industry.

If they were successful in achieving that goal, then the future for humanity would be bleak indeed - imagine a close to nature lifestyle worse than the worst of the peasants living in North Korea today.

Greenpeace has but one agenda - the extinction of the world mining industry and the coal industry is but the first step.

What a tragedy so many fine minds have fallen for specious nonesense of AGW.


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