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Friday, November 24, 2006


One of the more interesting observations made by a new Australian blogger linked by John Ray here is the fact that from the hours of 3AM to 6AM, when the sun is not shining because its late at night and before dawn, temperatures have not changed for the last 5 years while the maxima and minima have.

AGW due to CO2 increase has to be of a uniform extent globally, so this pre-dawn discrepancy is significant.

Also we learn that Cosmic Rays affect the formation of clouds on the surface of the earth, according to Danish research. And what are cosmic rays? Charged particles in motion, and most of us of a practical nature would call that “electricity”. (Gravitationalists would call the cosmic rays).

Now we learn that NASA scientists have worked out that Jupiter’s auroras are electrical phenomena -

a new study reports that one of the bright spots in this aurora is the footprint of a continuous electrical exchange between Jupiter and another moon, Europa. In October of 2005, the journal Geophysical Research Letters published a report from a research team headed by Denis Grodent of the University of Liège, Belgium, noting the team's discovery of a short auroral tail linking Jupiter to Europa. The report notes that this footprint is similar to that of Io, but less energetic. Grodent's team based its report on a study of 45 Hubble images of the Jovian aurora showing Europa's footprint and its swirling "tail".”


“An electrical interaction between Jupiter and its moons means that the bodies are charged. (As soon as you grant that one body is charged, the other body is also charged in relationship to it). Jupiter is not an island. It stands in a dynamic electrical relationship to the Sun, just as does the Earth. It is now known that charged particles from the Sun, not a terrestrial "dynamo", power Earth's auroras. The same thing can be said of Jupiter's auroras, though this was as contrary to astronomers' assumptions as was the confirmation of the Sun's input to terrestrial auroras. Work by scientists at the University of Leicester in the UK found “a strong correlation between the strength of the solar wind and the behaviour of [Jupiter’s] auroras". But this was "completely the opposite result to the one we were expecting from our predictions".

Of course, what is surprising or illogical from one vantage point may be "reasoning from the obvious" in another.

A: Jupiter interacts electrically with its moons.
B: Jupiter interacts electrically with the Sun, as does the Earth.
C: The planets in the Solar System are charged bodies.
D: The sun has an electric field.

Suddenly the elephant so long "hidden" in the living room of astrophysics is exposed. Since the sun gives off proton storms, and the protons in the solar wind are being accelerated away from the sun, it should have been obvious all along that the Sun is the center of an electric field…

E. Electrical transactions between the Sun, the planets, and the planets' moons are only to be expected in the Electric Universe.

Electrical connectivity is thus confirmed by every level of investigation; it is not just the reason for Io's "volcanic" plumes; it is the reason why Saturn's moon Enceladus similarly spews out icy particles in high energy jets; it is why Europa and other moon of Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus display vast networks of channels that can only be explained as electric discharge scars; it is why the planets have teardrop shaped Langmuir sheaths; it is why Mars, moving on an orbit more elliptical than Earth's, is periodically overtaken by global dust storms and Everest-sized "dust devils"; it is why the Earth discharges to space through sprites and elves; it is why remote comets discharge so brilliantly as they approach the inner solar system; it is why "asteroids" can become comets if their orbits are sufficiently eccentric; it is why comets sometimes break up as they move through the Sun's electric field.”


“It is why the Earth discharges to space through sprites and elves”.

Discharges what to space – Energy? Surely not.

So here we have a clue as to why global climate models are not only inconsistent but totally unpredictable – they assume the earth is an electrically neutral body suspended in an electrically neutral space in which gravitation is the only force.

Consider the fact that the Sun’s charged particles power the earth’s auroras – or in lay terms, moving charged particles is electricity – so when we see the sun at dawn what we do not see is the flow of electricity from the sun to the earth. In fact willy-willy's are now known to have up to 10,000 volts potential difference and we don't see those electrical forces either, just as a vorterx of wind, often capable of causing enormous damage.

And we know that electric currents passing through resistive loads generate heat. So maybe the heat we get from the sun is part radiant and part electrical, and if the sun is part of a galactic electrical circuit, which itself is part of an ever larger one, then any change in the sun’s electric potential would affect the earth too.

And if the earth is part of a solar electrical circuit, which the above data seem to suggest, then the flux of energy, and of course heat, is not factored into any GCM. This is why there is so much scepticism over anthropogenic global warming.

And we thought it was all due to CO2!

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