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Friday, October 27, 2006

EARTH HEAT - Radioactive Decay or from Electrical Currents?

It is generally assumed that the source of the earth's internal heat is from the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium. Along with heat the decay of these two elements also produces the noble gas Helium but there is a small problem - well actually a big problem - most of the helium is missing according to a paper "A Scarcity of Gas," Science, 292:2219, 2001.

Intelligent Designers would interpret this fact as proof of a youthful earth but alas that's not necessarily the case at all.

So what is the source of the earth's heat since the lack of Helium suggests its not from radioactive decay.

The earth does have a magnetic field and all magnetic fields are created by electric currents, so obviously there is a large electric current operating inside the earth. And if we realise that electric currents in resistive loads such as rocks generate heat, then it is more than likely that the earth's internal heat is being produced by electrical currents rather than from the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium.

And what maintains the earth's electric currents? If we recognise that the earth is an electrically charged sphere spinning in a solar plasma, then the earth is part of a complex electrical circuit with the sun and the rest of the planets in the solar system.

So any fluctuations in the earth's thermal state, (or temperature) would thus be related to possible changes in the solar electrical circuit.

This source of energy, and thus heat, is not factored in any GCM, so there is no surprise here that these GCM's have problems predicting the existing climate let alone future ones.

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