The distortion of science for ideological purposes has a long history, and the results are generally ugly.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Drought in NSW & Oz?

Warwick Hughes (with whom I often visit and telephone to learn the latest in Oz mining stocks) has an interesting graph of the rainfall at the Cararact Dam in NSW.

There is a fair bit of hubbub over drought in Australia recently, especially in the national press, so it's useful to look at a few basic facts.

One of the most pertinent is the use of cloud seeding to alter the local climate in NSW from WWII (1950 to ?? 1980's). Cloud seeding worked of course, and would be the immediate conclusion to explain the sharp increase in rainfall recorded in 1952 at the Cataract Dam.

A close study of the graph above would also show that since the cessation of cloud seeding in NSW 25 years ago, or so, (and no, one cannot easily find any data on this), rainfall has returned to previous levels.

So yes, we can significantly alter the climate it seems but whether that change is good or bad totally depends on one's political position. This is not science.

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