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Friday, October 27, 2006


Chatting with Warwick Hughes last night on divers matters (mainly on what is going to happen to the U238 Spot Price next week after a Canadian mine flooding) left us both with the sad conclusion that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum climate wise.

It is clear that the mainstream media (predominantly left-wing) have closed the issue for the debate and judging by the political weather-vanes, mass-belief in AGW (anthropogenic global warming) seems to have taken hold.

Humanity seems to experience episodic panic sessions of impending global catastrophe but few have made the effort to understand the basis of this pervasive fear. The psychoanalyst Immanuel Velikovksy was one who did manage to understand it and his successors continue the work here.

The present obsession with impending doom can be traced back to about 1500 BC when the earth underwent a global climate catastrophe when it interacted with two other planets - Venus and Mars. Much of the Middle East's populations were destroyed and remembered in the stories of the Old Testament. It was in all senses a global climate catastrophe that terminated the Bronze Age.

What Velikovsky recognised was a tendency by humanity to suppress the feelings and experiences of those times by developing a collective amnesia but replayed and acted out in wars and doomsday cults. It culminated in the total rejection of anything of a geological catastrophic nature and an over-emphasis of uniformitarian concepts in which catastrophes were expunged from the scientific paradigm.

Those past catastrophic events are remembered as fantastic myths but which actually have a basis in historical fact. Modern science totally denies this but then turns about face and has no problem believing in future global catastrophes.

It was Velikovsky's contention that it was the denial of past catastrophes that fuels the modern day belief in future catastrophes - a species level collective memory that we still have not come to grips with. It explains the periodic surges of religious fervour, of ending times when humanity is to be punished for its sins. AGW and Islam are but the latest of these self destructive urges humanity inflicts on itself.

But once the mob are in control there is little anyone can do but to step out of the way and let the movement run out of steam. So many now believe in AGW that a critical mass has been achieved and nothing will stop it until it runs out of its self generated impetus.

Hence there remains little point in contradicting a mass belief. After all so many believe in the Resurrection that contradicting it with fact changes nothing. So also AGW it seems.

So the debate is closed as madness has taken over humanity once again.

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